Owner's Representative.

We provide experienced and committed project leadership to manage projects from real estate acquisition through design and construction to occupancy

Experienced and Committed Leadership
  • Clarity to the project goals.

  • Review and analyze program requirements.

  • Develop total program budget and master schedule, including projected monthly cash requirements.

  • Solicit proposals from, and coordinate selection of, architects, engineers, and other design consultants necessary for the project.

  • Review architectural and engineering documents for general program compliance, constructibility, and cost effectiveness.

  • Coordinate zoning, permitting, and code issues.

  • Solicit value engineering as necessary to achieve best value for the client.

  • Review, negotiate, and approve design consultant billings.

  • Negotiate disputes with landlords on lease language interpretation, financial issues, and other matters.

  • Determine the most appropriate construction delivery system (ie time and materials, negotiated GMP, competitive bid).

  • Solicit qualified contractors for bidding/negotiation.

  • Bid, qualify, scope, negotiate and draft construction contracts.

  • Visit construction site as necessary to assess progress and quality control, and to deal with construction issues as they arise.

  • Lead periodic project meetings to coordinate activities of contractors, consultants, client, and other project stakeholders.

  • Negotiate change orders.

  • Process all project cost invoices and submit to client for payment.

  • Provide regular reports of paid-to-date expenditures, by vendor and cost category.

  • Provide regular Project Status Report.

  • Assist and direct design consultants to develop a list of missing or incorrect items at project completion.

  • Collect, organize and file/distribute project documentation.

  • Ensure timely final completion of all consultant and contract activities.

  • Ensure that procedures are set up for project-related maintenance and service.