With The Andrus Group as your project representative you can be assured

that you have industry expertise on hand and readily available from the

beginning of the project to close-out. We will provide comprehensive

management and monitor all design and construction project related

activities. Our objective is to coordinate all activities and work towards the 

owner’s goal :  


Completion of the project on time and on budget.

As an owner’s representative, The Andrus Group provides a broad range of

experience, project management skills, and planning that you may not have

readily available on staff. We perform the day to day activities, such as

programming, creating and managing project lifecycle schedules and

budgets, design management, coordinating and monitoring documentation

and specifications, streamline the bidding and contracting process,

managing the everyday construction activities, and make continuous

recommendations throughout the process.

The Andrus Group will serve as your representative and provide all the supervision and monitoring needed on your projects on a daily basis.  Our business is about making our clients' businesses better. We do this by really understanding your needs – by questioning you about the outcomes you hope to achieve and harnessing our knowledge, skills and experiences from across the company to ensure the most successful project.